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Monitor Proxmox Computer Temperatures using Home Assistant, Telegraf and MQTT

Hey! I’ve since migrated my blog over to my new home at:

You can find this full tutorial, and its Part 2 over at the new site. The direct links are posted below (you may need to expand the full blog post to see the links):


5 thoughts on “Monitor Proxmox Computer Temperatures using Home Assistant, Telegraf and MQTT

  1. hello, can you please make the tutorial in video?
    i cannot make the Home Assistant (running in docker in a synology NAS) receive the topic from telegraf, and display it.
    thank you in advance


    1. Hey Rex, I don’t really have anything set up to let me make a video for this, but let’s see if I can help you out! I’m assuming the part where you are stuck at the very end where you need to receive the MQTT messages? Are you receiving them with NodeRED or through the sensor component built in home assistant


      1. Exactly!
        No error when running telegraf on proxmox. But there is no messages accepted in MQTT addon in Home Assistant.
        I already install NodeRed too, but I don’t know how to receive the message from telegraf and show it in gauges form like yours. Fyi, I’m totally noob at all this. So, please kindly guide me.
        I just want to monitor my proxmox temperature in a good visualized form like what you did here.
        Thank you very much


  2. Thank you so much!
    The “Part 2” tutorial makes it much more clearer to me.
    Finally I can monitor Proxmox’s disks temperature in Home Assistant.
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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